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 Spiritual Coaching Testimonials:


Michelle is a gifted wise woman, intuitive and Priestess of the Mystery traditions.
I’ve worked with many healers and teachers and have learned that
trust is what facilitates growth! My sessions with Michelle were personal from day one, with a level of connection that allowed for our trust to grow, deepening into the soul realms of healing. She wasn’t afraid to share the truth in all its shadow and light! Each session moved and cleared energy so I grew stronger and lighter, more able to be with a big transitional time in my life. With both broad strokes and fine detail, Michelle addressed the All of what was stirring my soul. I’m deeply grateful for her genuine and generous heart; her love is potent medicine!
- Mary M.

"Michelle introduced me to the Akashic Records for the first time in my life. I had only heard of the concept of the records or read about it but never thought that I could access it personally and in a way that would help me connect with my guidance and practical information in such a direct and effortless fashion. Together over the course of a year we regularly visited the Records to access information for healing. Michelle helped me build a relationship with my ancestors and was able to help me heal the story of my ancestors by accessing patterns that had been lived and repeated over many generations. Michelle's gift as a very clear and authentic channel made it possible to reveal important information for my own life. I was able to see not only a much bigger context that allowed me to step out of fearful or negative thought patterns, but I felt she midwifed me into the archetypal consciousness of my own higher self. The records not only became a information retrieval container but a highly attuned container for deep healing. The long term effect of this work is truly astonishing. I feel I can trust my inner guidance, access my intuitive voice, accept the power of my imagination as a visualizing connection to the messages of the higher realm and connect to the wisdom of my ancestors as well as tap into the power of divine healing Archetypes. I highly recommend this work for anybody that feels the desire to build a lasting relationship with their spirit and learn to create their reality by weaving their consciousness in a way that is in alignment with their highest truth and purpose in life."
Christiane Pedros, CEO and Founder of I-Storybrand, London. United Kingdom

"Michelle has helped me in so many ways, helping me remember what I already knew deep down but had been doubting, and she has taught me so many new things too. I have looked so many places for help, and finally with her guidance I found what I was looking for.

In the space of one session, she helped me completely release the guilt that had haunted me for years about how I dealt with my father's last mortal days. Not only did my guilt dissolve, but I know now that I have nothing to feel but love and pride for what I did for my father. She passed on his love and gratitude from where he is now and he went from being a distant memory to a real figure living in my life still.
She is truly an inspiration, sharing her light and love to benefit us other beings who so often feel lost. With the light she shed,
she has reminded me of the light and love I carry myself. I hope that you may open yourself to her light too."
Nick B. - Chicago, IL


Ceremony / Ritual Testimonials

"I have known Michelle for several years and I never cease to be amazed at her subtle power. Recently I had the honor to experience one of her water blessing ceremonies and was blown away. Not simply amazed, I was moved to tears at the depth of her devotion and power.  She is an amazing woman – wise beyond her years. If you have the opportunity to practice with her or learn from her, DO IT!"
- MJ 


"The minute I met Michelle I knew she possessed an innate gift to be a soul doula for those looking to reconcile what was obstructing their capacity to live a life that was informed by a pure, personal and devotional understanding of spirit. Michelle's courage to step into her own shadow with a lantern of divine love makes her a relatable and comforting guide into the universal mystery for self-discovery, peace and understanding. She is a humble, clear, empowered loving Daughter of the Cosmic Mother and I treasure my time walking the red road together"
Susan A. Lipshutz, LCSW
Integrative Psychotherapist, Sacred Feminine Activist, Founder - Everyday Medicine Woman


Akashic Records / Intuitive Reading Testimonials


"Michelle, thank you very much for a wonderful experience with you opening my AKR. I was guided to find someone with whom I could feel comfortable during my reading. When I saw your loving smile on your website, I saw your essence, and I knew that you and I were a match. You offered me a very profound and honest reading, and you really saw and felt my soul's light from the very first second we met on Skype. For me, that is a huge gift, and I am happy to see that you own it and share it in a modest, humble and loving way. I loved how you really got in tune with my soul's energy as you gracefully tapped into the AKR with me. I would say you are really an example of a pure soul who has found her path and is honoring it by just Being. So happy I found you! 😀. Go and get a reading with Michelle, she is a great AKR reader, and she will make you feel very special."
Cristina N., South Korea

"I had an Akashic reading done by Michelle to help me cope with a serious, life threatening illness. Michelle's compassion and support were wonderful. Her ability to read from a deep and sacred place was very evident. Michelle was very therapeutic in her approach and also very grounded. I have already recommended her readings to my friends."
Dale S.  Boston, Ma


"I found Michelle to be clear, insightful and profound.  The information she provided to me from the Akashic Records was exactly what I needed to feel more confident moving into a very new phase of my life."
Trish H. - Bend, OR


"The sincere and grounded way in which Michelle approached her sitting with me allowed me to feel safe and at ease. They way in which she holds container in a dedicated and open way surrendered to the possibility of the moment. Through Michelle's ability to perceive the greater picture I was able to reflect on personal growth, gain deeper insight into my relationship with life and come into greater alignment with that inner authentic voice. The guiding principles that came forward for me as a result of the reading continue to inform my path.  I am grateful to Michelle for the way she tends her work with such care, reverence and loving heart."
Teresa K. - Vancouver, BC


"Michelle has an innate gift that allows her to collaborate and find meaning with your higher self and purposes.  Her readings are incisive and fabulous tools for moving energy or simply getting to the root of an issue. I always feel more calm, directed and grounded after a reading with her."
Melissa B. - Chicago, IL


"Michelle is a gifted and talented healer who intuitively knows how to make you feel comfortable while using her guidance and wisdom to get to the heart of the matter of any situation to guide you forward. Michelle is supportive and loving while being firm and accurate.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Michelle evolve her spiritual practice, education, and gifts.  She is a kind, loving, and sympathetic soul who is dead on when it comes to deciphering the messages from her angels, guides, enlightened masters, and ancestry.  A session with Michelle always resets and gets me back on path.  It is with love and respect that I highly recommend Michelle!" 
Toria S. - Chicago, IL


"I was so blessed to have had a session with Michelle that was for me an extraordinary healing journey.  Michelle works with gentleness, respect, compassion and deep insight.  She creates a sacred and healing space in which transformation and peace can blossom.  Her work with the Akashic Record invites a deepening of one's awareness of the beauty and wisdom surrounding us at all times.  The spirit of compassion and respect with which she works opens the door for insights and healing to enter into heart, mind and body.  Michelle is a healer and guide, a gem and a jewel!"
Christine C. - Chicago, IL


"Spiritual work and practice is something that I take very seriously, so it is not lightly that I share my experience and endorsement.  I have known Michelle for many years, and watching her journey unfold and manifest has been inspirational at the very least. It is clear that Michelle is operating in a space of very deep knowing and connection to the Divine, her spirit guides, and her ancestors.  My Akashic Reading with integrated Energy Healing session was safe, warm and enlightened.  I cherish the time and wisdom that Michelle brings and am grateful that she has opened herself to the service of bringing Spirit into the world."
Megan P. - Chicago, IL

"Michelle is a gifted, sensitive, and insightful reader of the akashic records.  I loved my reading!  There was depth of insight that I believe comes from Michelle's wise and intuitive soul.  I also appreciated the loving spirit that emanated from Michelle during our reading.   I highly recommend Michelle.  You'll be in gentle, supportive, and conscientious hands."
Caitlin F. - Sedona, AZ



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