Spiritual Selfcare for the Now Age - Online Class for Self Study

Spiritual Selfcare for the Now Age - Online Class for Self Study


This class is a Digital Self Study Class-

Spiritual Selfcare for the Now Age offers you a compilation of practices and teachings to support your spiritual and emotional wellbeing in the every day world of Now.

As the world becomes more and more connected, ancestors are rising and shadow material is coming up to be healed by and for the collective, it is becoming more imperative than ever to know how to manage, cleanse and regulate energy, both our own and that of others that might be affecting us.

Learn techniques to spiritually and energetically cleanse your self and your space, while laying down strong protections to create a more harmonious environment for yourself and those you share space with.

This class consists of 90min of teaching and discussion, a 15min Guided Mediation followed by about 10min Q&A, plus a detailed workbook, outlining the material and techniques covered during the class.

What you’ll receive:
PDF Workbook
Link to download class recording (audio and video)

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“Michelle has an amazing gift of giving clarity to subjects that are hard to understand. She has such talents in expressing this knowledge and sharing it. Can’t wait for her next topic!!!” - L.D.

“I have been blessed to learn many tools from Michelle. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience stemming from many cultural healing traditions and utilizes various methods of spiritual healing to assist an individual’s evolution. She is a gifted medium/intuitive as well as a gifted teacher. Not many spiritualists are able to teach these types of skills, but Michelle does so effortlessly. I cannot recommend her enough.” - C.K.