Embodied Spirituality is Resistance


The more we open up to who we are, the more we recognize the LIVING BREATH of the DIVINE within us and in everything around us, the more we begin to experience ourselves as part of the ALL, of Humanity, the Universe and ultimately all of Creation. 

When you feel at one with something you will not destroy it.

You begin to draw strength from all that you’re connected with. You begin to feel less alone. You begin to feel less hopeless. You begin to understand that your voice has value and that your actions (or lack of action) impacts reality. You are no longer a bog in the machine, and that, my friends, the system 
can not withstand.

So let’s wake up, connect with our ancestors, connect with our intuition, do ritual for the earth and reclaim all this magic our ancestors FROM EVERY LINEAGE lived and died to carry through the ages.