Intuitive Readings
via the Akashic Records

With your permission Michelle will open the Akashic Records to set the container for an intuitive reading that is uniquely specific to YOU and YOUR own vibrational blueprint. 

By connecting to your spirit guides and allies via the Akashic Records, Michelle facilitates a dialog between you and your spiritual guidance system that can include spirit guides, ancestors from both physical and spiritual lineage, ascended masters, angels and your Higher Self. You may then ask questions to receive deep and transformational guidance on issues that are close to your heart and can cover anything from past and present relationships, work/life related issues, or spiritual inquiries. 

In the vast field of the Akasha, which is believed to supersede even the karmic realms of soul agreement, we can cast the a wide circle and go into a deep and healing dialog with spirit. 

Akashic Reading with integrated
Energy Healing Session

In these sessions Michelle will work within the container of the Akashic Records. She will first conduct a thorough reading in which you will be able to bring all of your concerns and questions into dialog with Spirit and your individual guidance system.

After the reading the records will remain open and Michelle will facilitate a powerful Energy Healing session to assist you in integrating the energies and lessons that were received via the reading. Throughout the duration of this work, messages and healing energy will continue to flow to you in a gentle and soothing way.

The combination of these two offerings, within the container of your own akashic vibration, makes for a beautiful vehicle of healing and transformation where the seeds of the life you truly wish to live can be planted and encouraged to blossom into manifestation.


“I had an Akashic reading done by Michelle Coleman to help me cope with a serious, life threatening illness. Michelle’s compassion and support were wonderful. Her ability to read from a deep and sacred place was very evident. Michelle was very therapeutic in her approach and also very grounded. I have already recommended her readings to my friends.”
— Dale S. Boston, Ma.
Michelle’s gift as a very clear and authentic channel made it possible to reveal important information for my own life. I was able to see not only a much bigger context that allowed me to step out of fearful or negative thought patterns, but I felt she midwifed me into the archetypal consciousness of my own higher self.
— Christiane Pedros, CEO and founder of I-Storybrand, London. United Kingdom