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Learning to Read the
Akashic Records

In this full day class you will learn how to open and accurately read the information that is available within the Akashic Records for yourself and others. You will write your own invocation to access the Akashic Records and practice attuning to the Realm of the Akasha for Guidance and Healing. This class is a prerequisite to attending monthly Akashic Records Mentoring Circle, a monthly reoccurring workshop to deepen the understanding and attunement to the Akashic Realm.
When I opened the Akashic Records of myself, The Akashic Records as an entity and all that would be touched by this class and the work we will cultivate together from here, below is what they shared. Strong Medicine, and maybe not for everyone right now, but I know there are more than a few of us out there who are ready to step off the edge of this paradigm for good:

“This class is for anyone who is ready to be empowered with the keys to their own myths and mysteries. Requesting access to the Akashic Records implies the desire, knowing- or unknowingly, to reclaim an ancient, sentient place within each of us that is old as our Soul. Anyone may gain access who is willing to ask and commit oneself to listening. The waters of the universal well run deep.
If you wonder about the world, the structure of consciousness and the infinite this class is for you. If you can’t help but search for the patterns in all that you see and engage with, this class is for you. And if there’s a place within you that can’t stop believing that something, somewhere out there loves you and is looking at you with well intent, this class is for you. Strip away that which binds you. Not all at once, just step by step, you will come to remember what you have never forgotten, and you’ll see more clearly what it all means.”

About the Akashic Records:
"The Akashic Records or "The Book of Life" can be equated to the universe's super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. Much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us."


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The DreamWeavers Collective

We believe in harnessing our collective power to manifest real and positive changes in our lives. Once a month a group of bad ass Creators gets together virtually from all over the world to open a container of pure love and creativity to assist in calling in what we wish to experience more of in our lives. Michelle holds the space for us to clear anything that is coming forward to be released from our energetic space and then facilitates a powerful group meditation to call in our manifestations. The results are nothing less than life-changing! Join for free NOW and become a member of a powerful community of DreamWeavers.