Work with Me

There are many different ways of working with me, from Individual Readings to Spiritual Coaching, Workshops or joining our Online Community. Below you’ll find an outline of the various services I offer, along with instructions on how to schedule time with me. 

Pricing for services are listed as well and are intentionally kept at a level that allows me to support myself  and my work while making it accessible to as many as possible. 

There are always a limited number of slots available at sliding scale, which are filled on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to be considered for one of these slots please send me an email and I will let you know if/when a slot is available.   


Individual Reading

This is an Intuitive Reading with the Akashic Records as our foundation. Topics such as Life Direction, Relationships, Ancestral Healing work, PastLife Issues and guidance for a deepened connection to your own intuition, creativity and all that is sacred will be given. 

Sessions are approximately 60min long and are conducted via phone within the US or on Zoom for International Clients. If you’ve never worked with me before this is a great place to start. 

Price: $80 for a 60min session


Spiritual Coaching 

Spiritual Coaching is a great support modality for the times during which you are looking to transform particular aspects of your life and/or regain stability and perspective during or after a challenging or transformative period of your life, all while building a strong(er) foundation to your own spiritual network. 

Spiritual Coaching requires a longer commitment of both time and willingness to participate in your own growth and healing. It combines Intuitive Readings with Ancestor Work, Lessons on Altar Building, Ritual, Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Active Listening and Conscious Conversation to bring awareness to the various gifts and challenges that are present in your life at any given moment.

Spiritual Coaching begins with an initial block of 5 sessions that can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. After that, additional sessions can be added on as needed. Reading recommendations, instructions for practice and integration will be assigned between the sessions for deeper integration and self study.


Join our Online Community for Monthly Group Classes 

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