Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions include Guided Energy Attunements, Chakra Clearing/Balancing, and Integrative Energy Healing Sessions that are highly intuitive and include the full range of modalities and energies Michelle is attuned to.

During an Energy Healing session Michelle connects intuitively with your energetic system, identifying blocks as well as areas of overactive energy. In a channeled process she will then begin to realign your energies, clearing any areas of imbalance and reconnecting your energy system to the larger grid of earthly and celestial energies in which you can feel grounded, balanced, and inspired.

You will leave the session feeling refreshed and connected more deeply to your own life force energy. These highly effective healing sessions combine Michelle's own intuitive healing energy with alternative healing modalities such as chanting, sacred sound, healing touch, visualization, and meditative practices.


Akashic Reading
with integrated
Energy Healing Session

In these sessions Michelle will work within the container of the Akashic Records. She will first conduct a thorough reading in which you will be able to bring all of your concerns and questions into dialog with Spirit and your individual guidance system.

After the reading the records will remain open and Michelle will facilitate a powerful Energy Healing session to assist you in integrating the energies and lessons that were received via the reading. Throughout the duration of this work, messages and healing energy will continue to flow to you in a gentle and soothing way.

The combination of these two offerings, within the container of your own akashic vibration, makes for a beautiful vehicle of healing and transformation where the seeds of the life you truly wish to live can be planted and encouraged to blossom into manifestation.