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Hi there, I’m Michelle and I work as a Spiritual Adviser, Ordained Earth Based Minister and Intuitive Reader + Healer. I facilitate online classes as well as phone + zoom sessions for spiritual guidance, remote energy healing, life advice, spiritual development and more.

Spirituality basically runs in my veins. I come from a long line of wise women, spiritual healers, preachers, apostles, empaths and mediums. Hiding in plain sight, Spirit has always been present in my life, and as soon as I became able, I began to work towards bringing it into my life in a way that I could truly understand.

Nature, for as long as I can remember, has been one of my greatest allies in my desire to connect more deeply with Spirit. She has been a gateway for me to explore my senses, to speak with God and listen to Her answers, to cry my sadness to a tree and allow its gentle presence and wisdom to console me, to watch fairies dance at the edge of my vision and to feel above all, at peace with the world around me, feeling that there was a place for me on this planet, where I too belonged and was welcomed just the way I am.

I’ve always felt that true Spirituality can and must be experienced in the midst of our everyday lives.

My journey with Spirit has allowed me to sit at the feet of many beautiful elders from a multitude of indigenous and western traditions. I have sat in Sweat Lodge and prayed with the Stone People to Creator, have been slain with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, I’ve participated in Ritual with a Mayan High Priestess, have sat at the feet of Mama Ayahuasca and received her firm but loving instructions, listened to the Plant Sacraments and their teachings, I’ve learned to care for my own Spirits, have been blessed with teachings in Lucumí and Espiritismo, have received Ordination as a Minister of Walking Prayer, and much more. I have been deeply and richly blessed in that way. And throughout my studies there has been one understanding that crystallized and reaffirmed itself to me, over and over again:

We all desire and need the connection to Spirit. It is as intrinsically human as the blood that flows through our bodies. And when it’s missing, part of us goes missing as well.

To satisfy the ache inside of us we will go to extraordinary lengths and create a lot of suffering on the way. We will appropriate cultures, participate in the pillaging of the earth to satisfy our hunger for more, we will agree to harmful group thinking in an effort to secure a sense of belonging that we just can’t seem to find within ourselves. We will try to alter ourselves in ever-changing, trendy ways because we hope that the next version of ourselves might hold the keys to our fulfillment. But at the end of the day, we still come up empty.

So what if I told you that in order to be spiritual, to live a life that is filled with the fruits of your deep connection to the Divine, all you truly need to do is be yourself?

What if I told you that to in order to bring Spirit into your life in a satisfying way you will need to embody it?



If you're intrigued about working with me, here are a few questions to consider:

*Do you have a strong desire to bring deeper meaning to your life but aren't quite sure how?

*Are you interested in earth-based spirituality but are uncomfortable with the labels that often go along with it?

*Are you looking for ways to feel spiritually connected but are turned off by New Age tropes?

*Are you drawn to working with Nature in rituals and ceremony but are cautious of cultural appropriation?

*Are you an Empath and need some support with grounding and spiritual self-care while you explore your gifts in a safe container?

*Are you looking to make some changes in your life and need someone to talk things through from a broad, trans-personal perspective?


If you've answered "YES" to any of the questions above you might find that my work is aligning with your needs right now, and the next step would be to contact me for a quick consultation.

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Disclaimer: While I share with you here some of my Spiritual Resume I do not claim authority in any indigenous traditions, neither will I be teaching or speaking specifically on them in our one-on-one work. I share some of it here to give you an understanding of what informs my own work and spiritual development, but I love and respect myself, my Spirit Guides and the wisdom keepers who have generously taken me under their wing too much to ever misappropriate the gifts they share with me. I am happy to make referrals if and when appropriate.