About me..

Hi there!

I'm Michelle Coleman, a Intuitive Healing Practitioner and Teacher, specializing in Akashic Records Work, Earth-honoring Ritual, Ceremony, Prayer and Energy Work.

I believe that each of us have an innate connection to the Sacred, a Sacred Birthright of Belonging if you will, and that by reclaiming that living connection we also reclaim our wild, belonging Self.

Through this work we connect back into the natural web of Life and can experience growth, healing, peace, balance, prosperity and much more. 

.....I've always felt myself to be an animist. For as long as I can remember I have felt deeply connected to nature and the natural, living world around me. This connection allowed me to believe in a benevolent universe and an organizing force and principle, which all of Life follows.

It has sustained me through challenging times and has opened doors to peak experiences and celebrations of conscious bliss to me. It has taught me about right relationship and responsibility, about walking lightly and in beauty. It has allowed me to visit, sit with, pray, listen and learn from respected elders of different nations, who still carry the wisdom of the original ways of life. And it has allowed me to bring healing, balance and an experience of belonging into my life.

I want this peace for YOU as well. I want it for all of us, because I know that once we experience Peace in our lives we are finally free to create from the Higher Realms and can bring lasting, positive change to our lives and our environments. We can Evolve. Towards Love..