About Michelle...

Michelle Coleman - Headshot.jpg

Michelle is a gifted intuitive healer, channel and ordained interfaith minister. She believes firmly in the innate capability in each of us to connect directly with the Divine to find healing, clarity and joy, and she takes great satisfaction in providing her clients with tools and guidance to facilitate this connection and to (re)introduce each individual to their own inner guidance system.  She believes that in healing ourselves we can ultimately heal the world and return peace and balance to the Earth and all Her beings. 

Michelle has had the great honor of studying with esteemed elders, teachers and initiates of many different earth-honoring and indigenous healing traditions, and has in the process developed her own healing energy that is sourced through her ancestral lineage, innate, sacred blueprint and her deep connection to Divine Creation. She continues to hone her craft of working with the subtle and non-subtle energy fields to facilitate healing and initiation.

In 2014, Michelle received her ordination as a Minister of Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies, an organization dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings, a prayer that she has also long carried.

She is the co-founder of "Prayer for the Waters", a prayer group dedicated to raising the vibration and holding ceremonial gatherings to support our waters, which are in most cultures considered to be the womb of all life, and to facilitate re-balancing and healing for all.

Michelle is a natural healer who acts as a strong conduit for universal healing energy that she transfers through healing touch, sacred sound, divine channeling and energy transmission/activation, Akashic Records work and ceremony. She works with her intuitive gifts from a place that is grounded in love, compassion, respect and integrity, always keeping emphasis on creating and maintaining a safe and strong container for deep work and healing to occur.